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Idea to Ready-for-launch in 90 days

Do you need an action-by-action plan of how to get there?


Are you starting a new business and you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to concentrate on? 

You can easily get lost in all the available information and get really confused about where to start and what you should be doing. This is where coaching comes in!

My coaching sessions will give you a clear action-by-action plan to accomplish your goals and get that business finally off the ground.


From the moment we say go, we will begin to iron out exactly where you want to be by the end of the coaching session and how to get there. 

It's time to stop feeling frustrated and and get onboard with the "Idea to launch in 90 days Coaching."

The package includes

A comprehensive questionnaire to help me get to know you and your business goals, followed by a free 'fit-check' Consultation.

A bi-weekly 90 minute Skype session to listen to your challenges and design an actionable plan to overcome those bottlenecks.


A video recording of our meetings to fall back on to ensure all actions are done before our the Skype session.

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One weekly check using Asana to track your progress and to addresses and immediate issues or questions you may have.


3 months minimum