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Choose the ideal Squarespace Template to grow your business online.

Squarespace offer some really beautiful templates to choose from and this is one of the many advantages Squarespace has and one of the many reasons you should use Squarespace for your Business website. 

I tell you this, it is impossible to create a website that is not lovely if you are using Squarespace. 

To avoid overwhelm when choosing a template, I have listed my very favourite ones which I believe meets the needs of most businesses.


1. Bedford / Hayden / Anya / Bryant templates

Bedford is a popular template and this is because it suits with the current trend to include calls to action on website. Bedford makes it really easy to add call to action buttons.

Hayden, Anya and Bryant are Bedford templates and therefore share the same underlying structure and functionality as the Bedford. Bedford also has the index page feature which is great for sales pages with full-width sections.

If you are looking to create a professional looking, photo-heavy site, this is for you.

2. Pacific

The Pacific template is so versatile! I love it and that's why I use it on my website. 

Funny enough, it is marketed as a restaurant template but it goes to show the versatility of it and how easily you can turn it to suit your needs.

Pacific is my favourite template and I highly recommend it because of it's flexibility around it's index pages. Unlike Bedford, you can use images on your banners, not just text and that is great.

Pacific makes it supper easy to add images, blocks and just about anything else on any page.

If you need a versatile highly personalised Squarespace website without a sidebar, then go with Pacific.


3. Five

Five is great if you want a sidebar on your website. It is versatile and flexible which make is it really useful for customising websites. It is very similar to Bedford template with its large photo banners but its ability to have multiple sidebars is a unique feature for Five.

If you want a sidebar, Five template is for you.


Want to compare all templates?

If you want to compare all the Squarespace templates, I found this comprehensive list in Using My Head and thought its so great, there's no need putting another list together.