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Brand Design and Coaching


One-on-one website and brand design

Launch with a spanking new Squarespace website and branding to attract your ideal clients in just 3 weeks. Avoid the usual overwhelm and frustration and get the website of your dream. We will partner up and work together to ensure you have a branded website that speaks to your target audience. 

For that entrepreneur ready to launch


Idea to Ready-for-launch in 90 days

Idea to ready to launch in 90 days. This is about 3 months of actionable steps that will get you from idea to set up and ready launch. We will work together to prepare a custom business launch plan that includes  everything you need to start your business right now. 

For that entrepreneur who wants to get to launch

LaRoar Coach-MentorTutorial

This tutorial is designed primarily for individuals with responsibility to either coach or mentor others in their companies and improve their skill-sets, or help them grow in their careers. You will learn the difference between coaching and mentoring, and how to tailor it to the requirement of the learner.

For that business owner ready to grow through team empowerment